Spillin’ Tea

Sadly, last weekend was the premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, season five.

Although the season has kicked off with a huge BAM! I must admit that I am so unmoved by this show and seriously, anticipating it to be cancelled.

Let me explain why…first off, if NeNe wasn’t on the show, no one would watch it! Let’s be real, she keeps the drama going and if there is no drama, she’s guaranteed to start some. That’s why we continue to tune in every week. Not because of the other ladies on the show, but because we know NeNe is sure set it off with at least one of her cast mates.

Second, this seasons story lines and plots are boring and uninteresting. I could care less about Phaedra opening a funeral home; however, I did find it comical that she felt it necessary to shout out the “sinners” during her great-aunt’s funeral. How hypocritical when she lied about fornicating and getting pregnant out of wedlock just last season?!

I must say the longer Cynthia is on T.V., the dumber she looks. Seriously, I wish that she would pull her head out of NeNe’s a** and have one original thought this season. Just one….that’s all I’m asking.

Kandi’s new sex toy line is cute, but that’s not going to keep us talking all season. Shereé and her situation is sad and I hope that her ex-husband finally realize that he needs to be a part of his children’s life.

You all know I can’t stand Kim! I think she is a poor role model for her children, she is dumb as hell, and she just happened to sleep with the right wallet to get to where she is now…

Although Bravo has not announced it, I truly believe this will be the last season, unless there are some additions made to the cast. Kandi is getting a spin-off tastefully called “The Kandi Factory,” a show in which she will find undiscovered talent in Atlanta. Kim is also getting a spin-off show that will document her life and marriage with her fiancé Kroy and their new baby.

All in all, I am not sure what to expect from this season, but I sure hope that it is not another one filled with NeNe and her crazy arguments and antics! They tend to be juicy for the first couple of minutes, but then it gets really exhausting as a viewer.

Bravo please step your game up…

Yours truly,



Forbes magazine recently named Tyler Perry as the highest paid male in entertainment grossing $130M from May 2010 to May 2011. Although I am ecstatic to see an African-American man at the top of the list, I strongly disapprove of Tyler Perry.

It upsets me to see “Tyleshia” continue to deny that he is a homosexual, when in fact he has made his fortune performing in drag. This man has never been linked to any woman romantically, neither celebrity nor regular Jane Doe. Let me say that it should not matter if he is gay or straight, but I feel that because his target audience is predominantly the African-American Christian he will never openly identify as gay in fear of being rejected by his audience and losing the empire he has worked diligently to sustain.

It’s no secret that many churchgoers disapprove of homosexuality and the Black community can be extremely judgmental with topics related to sexual orientation. Perry although admired by many, will be no exception in the court of public opinion.

What saddens me most about this situation is that Tyler has been vocal about his struggle with homosexual feelings, yet he continues to exploit Black men on screen and on stage; propagating the same hatred onto other Black men that was placed upon him. The men in his works typically fall within two categories: the evil villain who is emotionally and physically abusive to the Black woman because he does not appreciate her worth or the smooth talker who is handsome, patient, understanding, good with kids, and most significantly a strong Christian man who makes no mistakes.

I hate that Tyler plays so heavily on the well-known stereotypes of Black men that have plagued our community for years. He constantly portrays Black men as drug dealers, womanizers, and abusers. Personally, I feel that his negative depictions of Black men have to do with the homophobia he has faced within the Black community. Having to conceal who he really is in Black settings worried that he will be shunned or unwanted by the Black Christian community, the community in which he seeks membership.

Truth be told that even if Tyler were to come out of the closet today, he could not make a fan out of me! His plots are predictable, repetitive, and cliché. Despite all the things I mentioned above, Tyler has still gained success with the two sitcoms; Meet the Browns and House of Payne.

Piggy-backing off of his movies Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too?, Perry is introducing a new series For Better or Worse. This series will follow the tumultuous marriage of Angela and Marcus; one of the couples featured in both films. I anticipate this “Dramedy” to be overacted and unrealistic. Once again, Marcus will be rendered, as a cheating husband who mistreats his wife, has no job, and cannot provide for his family. I most likely will not be watching this foolishness! Check out the trailer.


Until Next Time…



Mayhem, foolishness, fighting, and carrying on made last Monday night’s series premiere of Basketball Wives: L.A. an instant hit. It’s no secret that a juicy low-budget reality show can quickly become a cash-cow. Therefore, it makes sense for Shaunie O’Neal to try to milk this cow dry, especially since it’s clear that America has an endless appetite for drama and a good catfight.

Originally, the show promised to give a female perspective on the pressures of being married to NBA superstars. We can see the producers decided to go a completely different route. Sadly, this show is about nothing more than a bunch of catty woman, pretending to be besties, though most of them never had any interactions with each other prior to filming the show. This enviably leads to hissing and hair pulling.

Truth be told, I am over this show. Regardless of what may happen among this new cast of wives, I feel I have definitely seen it all before on some other housewife television show, on Bravo. Most of these women are completely irrelevant to life! Their husband, baby-daddy, or boyfriend plays for a losing team and isn’t even in the starting line-up.

Gloria is still fake as hell and her sister Laura only made the cast because she slept with a bench-warmer. It always amuses me when people claim to be so “BOSS”, but won’t bust a grape in fruit fight! I did like Draya, the model and actress, who has been laid-up, struck out, and punted by several basketballers, baseballers, and footballers. She definitely makes being a jump-off look like the glamorous life.

Next, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you already know that my girl Beyoncé is pregnant. Now, I love King Bey and as her biggest “Stan,” I have to admit that I am very disappointed to hear this news. With that being said, I am looking forward to seeing Beyoncé singing in Johnson and Johnson commercials, but I am sad that I won’t have an opportunity to attend a concert for this album.

This pregnancy announcement also, made me a bit concerned. Let’s be real for a minute. Jay-Z is a lot of things… rich, successful, and debonair; however, handsome is not one of the characteristics that come to mind when you hear his name. This baby albeit disgustingly rich, will definitely snatch the award for the ugliest celebrity baby. I think this baby will even give Shaq’s daughter a run for her money and that little girl is ugly as hell.  The juiciest part of all of this is that Rihanna dropped Jay-Z as her manager soon after the big announcement. Rihanna also filed a suit against Jay claiming there were “financial irregularities” in their business relationship. Now I don’t always believe everything I read, but this could get messy and you know I love a juicy hot topic! I will keep you posted.

Until Next Time!



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