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Top Ten: Spartan Bucket List

By Devyne Lloyd

Welcome back Spartans! Hope you had a wonderful summer, but now it’s time to get back to work. We have a wonderful campus here in East Lansing, and there are a number of things you should aim to accomplish before you graduate and get out into the real world. Here are our top ten picks! FULLSTORY

The Importance of Emotional Health and Mental Stability

By Zaneta Chuniq Inpower

Emotional health is an aspect of mental health that encompasses stress management, depression and other mental/emotional factors that can slow you down or damage your overall health. Every day, many of us deal with babies, co-workers, baby’s mama’s/daddy’s, husband/wife, in-laws, nosy neighbors, roommates and more. Dealing with difficult people lead to dealing with situations and sometimes those situations can be stressful or emotionally draining.

Meal Planning for 2011: The Pep Talk

By Zaneta Chuniq Inpower

There’s still time to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution! The number one annual resolution is to lose weight, eat healthier and journey to a more nutritious diet, void from today’s quick and easy market of convenience food, fast food and artificial ingredients. Meal planning not only makes grocery shopping easier (if you can keep the kids from putting their goodies in the cart) but you will save money knowing what you and your family will eat and reduce leftovers and over-consumption.


Healthy Holiday’s

By Chelsea Saleeby

Every winter brings new and exciting things: crisp white snow, long holiday breaks from school, and so much more. Although this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, there are very serious health risks that come about as well. One of the most common seasonal illnesses is influenza, otherwise known as the flu.


A Serious Cause

By Megan Kirk

October is the national month for the observance of Domestic Violence and the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., held an event Tuesday evening to address the issue as well as provide insight from a guest speaker.


The Pink Ribbon

By Mine’ Perry

This year in the United States alone, there have been over 207,000 new cases of breast cancer in females and nearly 2,000 cases in males. There have been nearly 40,000 breast cancer related deaths in females and 390 in males. Breast cancer is more common than you think. Although it is more prevalent in women, hundreds to thousands of men also get diagnosed.

A Letter to my Freshman Self

By Jakita M. Criswell

All of those in favor of dragging themselves out of bed for long hours of blah, about God knows what, say ‘I’! Yeah, that’s what I figured.  Really, who’s really ready to give up long, hot summer days at the beach and just playing around with friends to sit in a classroom?  Almost no one. But, I have some great news!  There are a few tips for the “freshies” on how to make this first- year college experience a little better.  I know you’re just graduating from high school where everything is simple. Well, except for the issue of being told what you can and can not wear. You’re probably thinking college isn’t much different, except the freedom, right? Wrong! College is completely different and how you manage that “freedom” makes all the difference in being a successful college student. Therefore, I conjured up a letter that I would leave for myself, if I could go back in time and be a freshman again.  Enjoy!


Top Ten Tips for Surviving the College School Year:

By: Bianca Brown

It’s that special (and stressful) time of year again! Here are some tips to help keep you cool and under control.

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