“The Tall Tale”: Saffal “Fowl” Tall

“I will be the greatest rapper of all time. That’s all you need to know about me. What will happen, will happen, whether you understand me, my potential, or you looking at me like I’m crazy, I will be.”

That’s a bold statement and there are some pretty big shoes to fill. But Saffal “Fowl” Tall isn’t afraid of anything or anybody. Saffal is currently working on his new LP “The Tall Tale”, which he says is an in-depth and versatile piece that shows who he really is. FULLSTORY

New Artist Kristian DeLayne: A New Soul Star

By Daniele Owens
Kristian DeLayne is the quiet storm taking over the music scene. Her passion for music and her love for life are apparent in all of the work that she does.

As a writer, singer, and now producer, Kristian DeLayne has been working diligently to prepare for her

upcoming showcase, where she will singing her debut single “Run to You,” at the Detroit Artist Village, July 30, 2011… FULLSTORY

Interview with Singer Jacquese Steele

 VOICE Magazine: Why don’t you begin by telling us a little about yourself, where are you from and what has brought you to Michigan State University?

 Jacquese: Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI. I am 20 Years old. I came to MSU for security. To be honest college has not always been in the fore front but because I did not obtain a record deal before I graduated high school, I figured why not get a degree while I pursue my dream. Bottom line I did not strongly desire to come to MSU however, I understand and recognize the importance that an education holds in our society. So I am here FULLSTORY

Get Skigh High

By: Megan Kirk

On any given day you can see the members of this group on the CATA buses on their way to class or even sitting next to you in lecture; but what you may not know is the talent that each member of Skigh High Entertainment holds. Tyrell Slappey, a Michigan State Senior, and Marcus Edwards, a Sophomore, were the original members of the group, but after recruiting Darryl Rice Jr., the duo quickly became a trio. Skool Boi Chroniklez Volume One, the first mix tape all three members are featured on, holds D. Rice’s very first verse on a track titled, “Stoopid.” Full Story

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