Purpose Org Presents: Carpe’ Diem Fashion Show

By Andrena Taylor

The stage lights flashed, models practiced their walks, designers put the finishing touches on their designs, and people ran around looking for everything from make up to music. Coordinators looked over the venue one last time and made sure everything was perfect. Once everything was in order, people were allowed to see the hard work of each person who helped put together the First Carpe Diem Fashion Show.

Detroit radio Dee Jay, DJBJ, played popular tunes from artists both locally and nationally known. The bass shook the ground and walls, which only increased the anticipation for the show to start. Once everyone was settled, Purpose Org member, Leo, greeted the audience. Purpose Org is a multicultural networking group that helps with networking as well as helping to “plan, organize, and coordinate events”, like Carpe Diem. Their goal is to help build each other to become a better people, according to Artina Tyus, Liasion and Admon says Artina Tyrus, Liaison and Administrative Assistant of Purpose Org.

Following the introduction and synopsis of the show, the models walked onstage. The models consisted of men and women of different sizes, ages, and complexions. In the first scene, the female models wore bright colored tape on their upper bodies and a pair of dark washed jeans. The male models wore he same colored tape over their mouths with no shirt and dark jeans. While no designer contributed to the designs in this particular scene, every subsequent scene featured clothing from designers from all over the state of Michigan.

Some of the designers included MSU student Kystle, creator of clothing line K. Lorraine,  and local vendors like Defye and Jeanology.  In addition to the creative designs, there were also performances by MSU Alum Frank Lee, MSU student SoFOwl and local artist Chelle.

There were different scenes throughout the fashion show that related to the title ‘Carpe Diem’, which is Latin for ‘seize the day’. Each design went with the theme of traveling. In a short period, audience members visited Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, and London.  The different scenes, music, and even the models all helped keep the audience’s attention. Each model had a different style and a different way of interacting with the crowd. At the end of each runway walk, models blew kisses, waved, did spins, and gave fierce poses as they flirted with the cameras.

After about an hour, it was time for the final scene, where models were able to wear designs of their choice and walked without any prior coordination. The impromptu walks allowed audience members to see the models’ personalities, and was a good ending to a great show.

For More Pictures of the Carpe’ Diem Fashion Show Check VOICE PHOTOS!

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