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“I’m A Vagina Warrior”

By Antonice Strickland

University Activities Board (UAB) held Michigan State University’s first celebration of song, dance, and music in honor of women. This empowering showcase for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes made up Vagina Warriors. The event was organized by UAB Multicultural Director Lauren Bealore, who said she was inspired by the “Vagina Monologues.” The presentation was a part of an entire week of events that showcased the beauty of femininity and the creativity of women.


Students Rally for a Purpose

By Megan Kirk

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) hit the ground running with their 38th Annual Black Power Rally, held October 27 at the Pasant Theater inside MSU’s Wharton Center.  African-American students gathered for the presentation of mime, dance and poems.  The theme was: “Wake up: We’re in a Daze”.

“Evil Dead” Spoofs Horror Films

By Amber McDonald

Zombies, bloodshed, and an oblivious but triumphant hero are just a few of the elements found in a typical horror movie and you’ve seen the story over and over again; but for “Evil Dead: The Musical”, that’s the point.  “Evil Dead” spoofs traditional horror films by making fun of their inconsistent plots, bumbling characters, and humor, even though these movies are meant to scare audiences, not make them laugh.


Get Skigh High

By: Megan Kirk

On any given day you can see the members of this group on the CATA buses on their way to class or even sitting next to you in lecture; but what you may not know is the talent that each member of Skigh High Entertainment holds. Tyrell Slappey, a Michigan State Senior, and Marcus Edwards, a Sophomore, were the original members of the group, but after recruiting Darryl Rice Jr., the duo quickly became a trio. Skool Boi Chroniklez Volume One, the first mix tape all three members are featured on, holds D. Rice’s very first verse on a track titled, “Stoopid.”

To Listen to “Eight 12’s” CLICK HERE

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